aly_sezzz (aly_sezzz) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Worst Album Covers EVAAA!

"Eh," they said, "They'll be looking at his hair,
not the lines that are supposed to be straight."

'Nuff said. [note the way his finger is lingering suspiciously close to the nipple]

Wooow! I can see something in the crystal ball...
something round... there are shadows...
they look like mountains. No! Watermelons! No! Mountains!

"Oh Joyce, you mak me so chhot." </spanish accent>

I'm not sure where to start. The plaid? The skivvies?
The parted hair lines so straight they could have been cut with razor blades?
The "Loony Tunes" font type? [His mustache?]

Oh ma! Your hair is consuming yer head!

Do you think he particularly wanted that word directly over his crotch?
But honestly, I want his sunglasses. They're devastatin!

Or maybe Julie just couldn't keep herself away from picking
up the closest thing that looked like a bear, in memory of her younger years...

Hell Yeah!

That's right. He has it TATTOOED on his hand.

I hate to say it, I really do, but this one made me laugh the hardest.

He and Devistatin' Dave (Turntable Slave) should get together. Boo-shaka-laka.

Where are they now?

I reiterate... where are they now?
Actually, I really wanna know whats on that album...

At least their hearts are singing. I don't know if their voices can so much.

First song: 1. Come on, get happy.

His name just tops it off.

Be kind. This is my first post.

Saucy Sauce
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