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NY Bar Backed by Ledger To Go Ahead

A nautical-themed restaurant and bar in New York, partly designed and backed by Australian actor Heath Ledger, will open soon, after his father Kim provided money to finish the project.

BrightSide, the Brooklyn bar in which the Dark Knight star had invested with his friend and business partner Jud Mongell, contains features designed by Ledger, including a chessboard engraved into one of the tables.

"Heath was a big chess player," Mongell told Life and Style magazine.

"The whole idea was to make it a spot for us. We wanted to make it our own space to hang out."

Ledger, 28, was found dead on January 22 in his Manhattan apartment from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs, including powerful painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone and anti-anxiety pills.

Mongell said the opening would be bittersweet without Ledger.

"Heath was very, very into it. He drew the floor plans and thought of the name, BrightSide, because it's on the bright side of McCarren Park," he said.

The bar's designer John McCormick, who created New York hotspot Beatrice Inn, where Ledger spent a lot of time, said Ledger had also wanted a table large enough to accommodate his family group.

"Heath specifically talked about having a place for him and his family to sit," said Mr McCormick.

"It was great working with Heath. He was the most unassuming guy."

The bar is scheduled to open towards the end of the American summer as a tribute to the star.


I know the going-ahead with the bar has been posted a while ago, but this gives more details, including a name change.

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