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Mia Tyler Breaks off Engagement

Monday, August 11, 2008

Everything Must End

This isnt an easy blog to write but I feel the need to confess... I have a lot going on in my life right now with the release of my book at the end of the month. And because of that I am beginning to do interviews and press to get a buzz going about my book. One of the more common questions is "when am I getting married"? (I know most of you know this, but for those who dont I got engaged last year.) So, I may as well announce it here to you that.... I am no longer in that relationship. A lot of you keep asking me why my profile says single and why I seem sad lately. So, before you read it in some dumb article or online, let me be the first to say it. We broke up about 2 weeks ago. I am not ready to be in a relationship at the moment. Ive been married once before and Im not entirely sure I want to do it again. Right now I need to focus on me. I know it sounds selfish but its the best thing for me right now. As far as the break up goes, there are no hard feelings and we are still friends. We are just trying to give each other some space. I will always love him. So, for those of you who know him or are on his friends list please be respectful... This is a hard time for both of us. I just wanted to tell you what has been going on with me... And if nothing else, its helped me slim down. a break up is always a great diet. I think Ive lost 10lbs just from the break up alone. All jokes aside though... I just wanted you to hear it from me and not some gossiping fool. I love you all and am so glad I can share my life with you as you do with me...

Love, Life & Metal

P.s: I thought being alone again was going to suck. I think that is what kept me from breaking up a lot sooner. But I am finding a new sense of freedom and empowerment. It sounds corny, but I feel like I can do anything. I dont need to have someone in my life to make me feel complete. Right now I can do this... Maybe one day i will meet that someone that will change my mind about love and what it means to be in love. But right now I need to rely on myself and learn to love ME again... Thank you all for you kindness. If I didnt have you guys I'd be miserable!!!

Source : Her Myspace Blog

Her ex is a guitarist but I dont know for what band... sorry.

edit : tyvm thelittlevoice He is a guitarist for The Mercy Clinic

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