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You Never Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors........

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There have been reports surfacing on the web today that Hayden Panettiere’s dad, Alan, has been arrested for allegedly battering his wife Lesley Panettiere this morning on a felony count of domestic violence. The scuffle allegedly occurred around 3:00 am this morning and Alan allegedly hit Lesley in the face. We spoke earlier about the pain that Hayden must be experiencing as she watches her parents go through this. We at Buzzfoto know there is never an excuse for domestic violence and encourage our readers to always be kind and to be report violence. It is strange that these events have taken place this morning as we have these EXCLUSIVE fotos of Lesley and her husband Alan Panettiere during happier times, backstage with their son Jansen at the Netflix event on Saturday in Los Angeles, California. The couple seemed fine and happy, which makes us wonder what their relationship was really like. Like we said before, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.
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