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Are Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson proving that adage about how certain couples eventually start to look alike? When the twiggy, never-apart twosome arrived back in Los Angeles on Wednesday after winging to Chicago for Lollapalooza and to Miami for some hang-time with Samantha's family (per People), they strolled through LAX sporting coordinating hats and luggage. During a shopping expedition later in the day, they were styling matching black boots. And it seems they're also showing off some harmonizing accessories that are a bit more permanent. E! News says Lindsay recently retooled a white heart tattoo on her left hand by outlining it in black, a design Sam copied on her left hand. The actress has also reportedly added a red star to her right hand to match the ones Ronson has dotting her right arm. TMZ, meanwhile, says Linds just got another tattoo on her wrist, although the design currently remains under wraps. Perhaps the ink stain is in honor of Sam's birthday, which People reports they celebrated Wednesday night at L.A.'s Crown Bar. Just past midnight, Lohan led club-goers in a chorus of "Happy Birthday" before planting a "lingering kiss" on Ronson.


what are your thoughts? do you think they got matching tats?
do you have any tats?
i have 4, one includes a hello kitty tat on my ankle

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