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Review of AI Concert in Worcester, MA aka Kristy Lee Cook return her sparkle khaki flares to 1996.

The Top 10 American Idol invaded Worcester or Woostah as some call it (except Little David who just could not pronounce it, poor thing, Daddy is gonna beat him for that). It was full of hard core product placement for Pop Tarts and Guitar Hero as one would expect but one unexpected aspect was the addition of a host, who I believe was named "Chad." He ran around the stadium pumping up the middle aged Cougars and 8 year old Archufans in a hyper-active, flamboyant way only too many Pop-Tarts and 14 Red Bulls could provide.

The show when in order with Chikese EZ opening. He was surprisingly good, although the only song he sang that I actually new was Caught Up by Usher. He sounded great, like old school Luther Vandross. That being said, his moves were tired and cheesy and will ensure that he will be playing the idol circuit of State Fairs and car dealership before eventually ending up teaching music and appearing on Where Are the Now specials.

Ramiele, who was always a little fashion hot plate decided that wearing a purple and black sequined body suit was a good idea...maybe she is lobbying to be the on next Dancing With the Stars...though there is still no excuse for it really. She has a good voice, not great. Sometimes she screamed, sometimes she sounded great. I see her and Danny Noriega hitting the West Hollywood gay scene hard core but as for blowing up mainstream...sad to say, her performance of If I Ever See Your Face just won't cut it. I still think she is killer though and her hair rocked.

Michael Johns, Michael Johns, Michael Johns...what can I say, he killed it. Awesome. You could tell he has a ton of experience and felt completely at home on the stage. He started with a Queen medley and the cougars and the gays went a-ga-ga. He got one of the loudest cheers at the end of his set, which included the aforementioned We Will Rock You/We Are the Champion medley, some bluesly number called "It's Not Right but it's Okay" or something to that effect and ending with "the song that got him kick off of American Idol" Dream On. Surprisingly, not as good as Ace Young's rendition but better than most.

After the crowd went crazy for Johns, we had a nice bathroom break during Kristy Lee Cook's performance. Imagine me, a bit of a fashion maven and a lot of a stereotypical Massachusetts liberal having to sit through a rather poor interpretation of God Bless the USA, dedicated to the Troops, from a girl wearing, bear with me, A SILVER SEQUIN TANK TOP, KHAKI FLARES WITH RHINESTONES AND A RHINESTONE BELT WITH A MASSIVE BELT BUCKLE. I literally thought I died and went to country hell. I am pretty sure I wore that outfit for my 2nd grade school photo. Her hair and makeup...flawless. Clothing and vocal stylings...not so much.

Then came Miss Carly Smithson who proved Simon Cowell right. THIS GIRL HAS PIPES! I was always confused about why the judges went on and on about her but see her live and you will understand. She can wail. She opened, looking like a star, singing Bring Me to Life, better than Amy Lee ever did. Followed by showstopping performances of I Drove All Night and Crazy On You. She also looked killer in her leggings, boots and tunic that made her boobs look fantastic. She is gorgeous and talented and I think her and Michael Johns need to leave their hideous Tori Spelling look alike and Mike Tyson tattooed spouses and start spawning.

We were then graced with the always adorable Brooke White singing Let it Be, 1234 and Yellow. Perfect hair, fashionable outfit, great songs. Totally chill, exactly what you would expect from Brooke.

The Bottom Six then proceeded to sing a Idol Gives Back themed U2 number and I jetted to the bathroom so I could skipped the intermission rush.

Intermission was brought to us by Guitar Hero. The host, who I think possibly has some "diet, exercise and pilates" backstage held a few "impromptu" contest and gave out games to kids who didn't have the proper gaming system to play them. It was good ol family fun.

Jason Castro, who when asked by a local DJ if he had seen Pineapple Express said no he does not partake in such things but "heard it was funny," was next to rock on on the ukalele to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The tweens were going nuts in their homemade Jason is my Idol tees and I was trying to figure of if he was, in fact, high or just retarded. What I did figure out is that he has fantastic skin and a completely endearing but altogether forgettable stage show.

Next Big Boobs McGhee hit the stage in a Beyonce circa 2002 gold plunging mini-dress. Syesha did her best Rhianna on Umbrella. She sounded great but it wasn't quite as good as RiRi. She then tackled Alicia Keys, once again good but nowhere near Keys. Then, she sang Listen from Dreamgirls and let me tell you, this girl brought the house down. I had chills, it was amazing.

Then a few girls hit puberty because David Archuleta rose from the stage, sitting at a piano in a little Tuxedo jacket with sparkle trim, singing the most beautiful song ever written Angels. Now, he is no Robbie Williams but that kid melted even my cold, cold heart. He sounded surprisingly strong on all of his songs including Angels, Apologize and Stand By Me. He seems to have gained some confidence and seemed most at home when he was just belting his little heart out. He was archadorable.

Finally, the cougars got their claws out because David Cook hit the stage. Clad in a tight pink tee, skinny jeans and eyeliner, yes you heard that right, tight pink tee, skinny jeans and eyeliner, David did all of the songs you'd expect. Opening with Hello, followed by the magic rainbow song, I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing and a killer rendition of My Hero which he dedicated to his brother Adam. He came out and did an encore of the song that made him everyone's Cookie, Billie Jean and the show wrapped with a not-as-cheesy-as-you-would-think group version of Rhianna's Please Don't Stop the Music.

Overall, it was one of the better AI concerts. It was less schmaltz and more letting every contestant show off their own persona, good or bad.

Anyone else go to the concert?



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