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guess who i met??

Chelsea Handler!

Please don't hate on me for not getting a sign because I got to take ONE picture! (SORRY) But I did take some videos to share :) She is so sweet and funny.. and TINY!! She made sure she signed everyone's books. She got in late and couldn't do a Q&A before the signing, so she just showed up and got right to it. She she said I looked cute, lol. I asked her if the midget she mentioned in My Horizontal Life was Chuey, and she said no, it was another Mexican nugget. She even signed books after the show was over! :) I LOL'ed so hard my face hurt! It also must have been my lucky day because I got a free ticket, and we didn't even get lost.. not once!

My autographed copy of her newest book :) :)

For some reason, I can't put these videos on here, so just check out my youtube account! I have 3 vids on there now, I am in the process of uploading 2 more now!

did anyone else go? :)

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