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you got someone you wanna get close to? get close to this.

january 3rd, 1998 was the night of my first concert. it was backstreet boys.
hanson hadn't been out for quite as long as bsb, but my love for hanson was definitely starting to outgrow my love for bsb. after the concert, bsb remained a tie with hanson for a couple months but i was pretty much over them.

but backstreet boys are two of my very important firsts. not only were they my first concert, but the very first cd i ever bought with my own money was backstreet boys. the one with the red cover.

so they'll always have a small spot in my boyband lovin' heart and i love going to their cheesefests concerts.

thursday night i saw them for the 4th time in just over 10 years.

image heavy
roll with itCollapse )

and girlicious opened.

try to get on my levelCollapse )

this post is dedicated to my fliends.
"to skiing!"
"to pillow fights!"
"to guys"
"awww. you know she just broke up with her boyfriend!"
"i know. how 'bout to fliends"

eta 2 things:
source: me
photos - my photobucket
there's tons more photos there.
videos - my youtube

what was your first concert?
your first cd/tape?

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