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Vanessa Hudgens Post

New Movie for Vanessa?

"The Misadventures of Dreary and Naughty" is the title of the book written by John LaFleur and illustrated by Shaun Dubin. The film will be adapted for the big screen and will be directed by Tommy O'Haver. The star of High School Musical film, Vanessa Hudgens has been in talks for this new project.

The boys at Whispering Hills High all have a crush on Naughty, the hottest girl in school, while none of the girls seem to notice that her best friend, Dreary, is even alive (technically, he’s not…)! Can the friendship of our otherworldly duo hold up under the trials and tribulations of the ritual of the dreaded Valentine exchange?

has anyone read the book?...i can't really find any more info on it. =/

*UPDATED* thanks to elmofudge
Dreary and Naughty, a new series of hardcovers by John LaFleur and Shawn Dubin, is a wonderful and instantly endearing story of the son of the Grim Reaper and the daughter of the Devil, two friends who are trying to find their way in the universe. To do this, their parents make them attend school with mortal kids so they can learn firsthand about humanity, which as we all remember growing up, wasn't always the kindest to us.

Naughty is the daughter of the devil and Dreary is the son of the Grim Reaper.

More dates added to her summer tour

Vanessa Hudgens will come to Mexico as part of her tour Identified, she'll be performing with Mandy Moore Sept.9 in the Arena Monterrey. You can buy tickets here

live concert videos

Come Back To Me


First Bad Habit

she's singing live in these (debatable)...what did you guys think of her performance? lol

Source 1
Source 2


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