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Kevin Malone

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from Kev's official MySpace blog (FYI, he is blogging in character):

Friday, August 08, 2008

Greetings from Scranton


Well, summer is here in full force, and I have wiped off the sweat on my brow to once again blog to you, my dear dear friends...

I trust all of you have had a good summer so far. What have you done? Been doing? Anything fun? Anything that anyone else would want to read about? I have had contests in the past that turned out to be to hard to judge (that's what she said), so I officially WON'T have one now... but feel free to write about your exploits.

Things have been going ok here in Scranton. Holly still seems pretty into me. And I really like her. I think we can be something special. Not like Stacy and her meanness. We haven't talked yet about disclosing our relationship to HR, but I figure since she is HR, she already knows about it. So technically, I am not doing anything wrong. And also, I haven't seen her is a couple of weeks. She works in the other part of the office, so it is hard to get back there during the day sometimes...

What else is new? Ummmm... I went to a concert on the hill here in Scranton. It was pretty awesome. Sarah Boralis, Counting Crows, Maroon 5. They were all pretty good. But the after party, as always, was even better...

I have been traveling a bit this summer. Making my way to New York a couple of times. THAT is my kinda town. Not Chicago. New York. Maybe I should move there... Hey. If anybody knows of anyone in New York who needs an accountant- tell them to give me a call. I am not TECHNICALLY licensed. But I know my stuff. So it really shouldn't matter...

Oh, our little program. THE OFFICE, was nominated once again for a gaggle of Emmys. So that is always a good time. I get to go out to Cali and go see those again I guess. It was fun a couple of years ago, but last year, when we did not win... was not nearly as fun.

The camera crews have just come back to Dunder Mifflin, and they are shooting us once again. I guess the mothership (NBC) will have new episodes on the TV sometime in September. That is cool. My mom always likes that. When she can see me on the TV. Cause I don't really go home that much.

Has anyone ever been to Miami? That is a city I would like to go to...

So I just heard about this new "exercise" technique called "Pole Dancing for Exercise". Actually, I don't know if that is what it is called, but there are actual classes you can take to go "do" pole dancing, and it apparently gives quite a work out. Does anyone know if you can pay for classes, and then sit out and just watch? Like in gym, where you pretended to have a stomach ache so you wouldn't have to run the mile in under 9 minutes. Cause if you could do that... I would so sign up...

Jan is still pregnant. That's all. It was just surprising, so... I thought I would bring it up.

Anything u want to hear about any of my other friends? Hmmmmm... I refuse to talk about Angela. Cause I hate her. Toby is gone and I haven't seen him since he left for Costa Rica. Jim and I are playing Fantasy Football again, with other people in the office here. We invite some of the camera guys to play too. Most of them are pretty cool. Except Randall. God he is an ass...

(For those of you who hate sports... skip this paragraph.) I drafted Number 2. I drafted Adrian Peterson. I then picked up Larry Fitzgerald and TK Houshmandzedahahahahaha. I was surprised by the fact I was still able to get the Browns QB in round 4. And I got the Chargers DE. We pick the old fashion way here. We pass a pad around the office and it generally takes us about 3 weeks to draft. Today I picked up Mark Bulger and Derek Mason in Roughly Rounds 7 and 8. I have the Texans TE (Owen Daniels). And I cannot remember who else. As I said, it takes a while and is hard to remember...

And I guess that kinda catches you up. Somewhat. OK, fine... not really... but are we gonna stay mad for long? I have missed each and every one of you in decidedly different ways.

I am back now. And ready for business. And for God's sake... I still hate Angela.


Show me what you got, ONTD. Because picspam is only pointless and immature when it's from stuff I don't love.


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