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Tom Selleck to appear on Dancing with the Stars 7.

Tom Selleck and his trademark moustache are set to appear on the upcoming seventh season of Dancing With The Stars.

And the Magnum, PI actor, 63, has his old Three Men And A Baby co-star Steve Guttenberg to thank for his new gig.

Steve was pleased with his experience on ABC’s ballroom hit last season he suggested Tom’s name to producer as a potential future contestant.

“The DWTS executives wanted an older hunk to bring in the baby boomer audience. Tom is incredibly popular with women 40 through 65, and producers were ecstatic when, at Steve’s urging, he expressed interest in competing on the show,” a source tells the National Enquirer.

“Tom’s stayed in great shape over the years and he’s ready to dance.”

Selleck’s said to be thrilled about the prospect of appearing on the series, which insiders say could provide a big jumpstart for Tom’s career.

“From 2006 to 2008, he was doing mainly TV work-and now he has five film deals. Tom has been itching to work in front of a live audience.”

The seventh season of DWTS kicks off September 22.



Team Rosie!

Edited to say:

I know that Rosie seems like she goes a bit crazy, especially since he was there to promote a movie and not talk about the NRA but this was right after Columbine and she just didn't understand why the NRA has the beliefs that it does. And tbh I don't understand why either.

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