ffb (lessthanhilary) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

a good ole fashioned "celebrity out looking haggard" post

Jamie Lynn Spears is spotted out getting gas with a friend in Kentwood, Louisiana on Friday.

generally as a rule i defend jamie lynn with her child because she is trying so hard, however, when you're a celebrity and getting as much attention as she has since the birth of her baby, you should not leave the house like this. i don't care about that whole ~celebs are just one of us~ bullshit, i want to see them looking fierce, fab and flawless, or at least dressing better than i do when i go out. how do you feel about this

edit: to all the haters hating, please recognize that while she is only going to get gas, she is using that gas to get to another destination. if she were low on gas but intending to stay at the house, she would not have gone to fill up, just to take the car back to the house

edited again: i would also like to point out the fact that comfortable is not synonymous with sweats and a baggy shirt. i don't care if you feel differently about how people should dress to leave the house, but it's just as easy to be comfortable as something that doesn't look like pajamas.

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