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what we did is not so secret (har har how punny)

Follow up to this entry.

So I went to the screening of What We Do Is Secret starring Shane West, Bijou Phillips, Rick Gonzalez, and Noah Segan. After the screening there was a Q&A with Shane, Bijou, Noah, the director Rodger Grossman, and Germs founding members Pat Smear and Lorna Doom as well as long time drummer Don Bolles. I have video footage as well as concert footage from their show later on that night. On top of that I have pictures. Sadly I suck hardcore because I couldn't get them to pose with an ONTD sign since they were heading toward a show and I didn't have time to go through the whole explanation of ONTD. However! I hope I did you guys proud by asking Shane West what's it like to play in front of fans that hate you. You can hear the question (and his response) in the video.

Some highlights from the day:

  • The director's dad was walking around the theater taking pictures of everything and telling random people all proud and excited-like "My son made this movie!" It was cute, I must say.

  • The movie itself was actually pretty good. I'm self admittedly not someone who's all that into punk but I have crazy love for Pat Smear (seriously, Foo Fighters Big Me video is love) and I always thought Lorna was fierce. I honestly don't think Shane West is all that amazing an actor, but he pulled this role off really well. My favorite was Rick Gonzalez as Pat Smear which made me annoyed that he wasn't there. Pat taught Bijou and Rick how to play their instruments. Those wigs were seriously horrific though, as in beyond fake. I felt bad for Noah and Bijou for having to wear them

  • Don Bolles is fucking annoying as hell, he kept answering questions geared towards other people and wouldn't shut up. The director even at one point had to be like "They weren't asking you." And you could tell Pat and Lorna weren't his biggest fans either

  • Bijou, Pat, Lorna, and Noah shared a cigarette in the theater, which wa pretty badass but made my friend and I annoyed since we knew if we pulled out a cig we would've been told to put it out.

  • I asked Shane if Jonny Was... would ever get back together and he laughed and said that chapter is done

  • The show later on that night was kind of hilarious. Picture a bunch of guys booing Shane West, and Shane in return telling them to suck his dick and tossing of beer cans towards one another ensues. It was quite a phenomenon to witness considering I've never been at a show that has had that happen. However, despite the booing from a few everyone seemed to have a kick ass time.

  • Lorna Doom

    Shane West

    Pat Mothafuckin' Smear!

    and finally, the video:

    source me and my camera

    dear mod, I don't know how you can say this was posted already considering it's all my property unless someone managed to steal my camera in the last few hours and magically posted it

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