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Playing Bingo for a Good Cause
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"yeah you know you love bingo! don't act like you're too cool..."

well you're in luck, because here's your chance to both celebrate your love for
the game of bingo, AND help out a great organization called teen line. for those
who don't know, you can check out teen line here. or you can read this from
their "about" section:

TEEN LINE is a confidential telephone helpline, help online and online chat for
teenaged callers. It operates every evening from 6:00pm to 10:00pm and is
toll-free from anywhere in California. The TEEN LINE volunteers who answer the
calls, emails and chats are Southern California teenagers who have been
specially trained. They won't judge you or give advice – their job is to listen
to your feelings and help you to clarify your concerns, define the options
available to you, and help you make positive decisions. No problem is too small,
too large, or too shocking for the TEEN LINE volunteers.

PROBLEMS SOME TEENAGERS FACE ... Abuse, AIDS, alcoholism, depression, divorce,
drugs, gangs, homelessness, pregnancy, sexuality, violence, suicide.

TEEN LINE was founded in 1980 to help adolescents address their problems through
a confidential peer hotline and community outreach program.

TEEN LINE is a sanctuary for the more than 10,000 youth each year that call the
hotline. Toll-free in California, it's a place to talk things out with another
teen in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

TEEN LINE's Community Outreach Program takes panels of volunteer youth directly
into schools and youth groups to talk about topics pertinent to adolescents.
More than 20,000 youth attend outreaches annually – learning about issues, and,
most importantly, that whatever their problem, they are not alone.

TEEN LINE's educational materials include brochures on such topics as teen
suicide, drug abuse, self-injury, eating disorders, growing up gay, and
sexuality. We also publish a resource handbook – The Youth Yellow Pages - and
youth-oriented videos on various subjects.

TEEN LINE Consultation and Training involves specialized education on such
topics as tolerance, "growing up gay", teen suicide and substance abuse
prevention. These services are offered to schools, adolescent-serving agencies,
law enforcement and the media.

here's the flyer for the event:

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and finally, one of the COOLEST things about being asked to be part of this
event is the fact that the woman who founded the project is now 82 years old,
and loves "adam's song." i mean, how can you NOT support an organization as
great as this, run by a great-grandmother with amazing taste in music?
hope to see you there...


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