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Hello ! So Sorry it has been so long.

THANK YOU so much for all of the amazing positive energy and beautiful well wishes you are sending our way, we love reading them. We are beyond thrilled and Blessed, elated and saturated in happiness.

I have to say a couple of things that I feel are important to say right now.

A few months ago, I did a quick interview with Entertainment Tonight and I Stuck my foot in my mouth and said that I was having twins by accident.

I BEGGED them to edit that out and not say anything yet as I wasn't ready for it to be out there then, but that when I was , I would give it to them exclusively.

They really could have ran with it but they said they would not.

They actually kept their word which I found so refreshing, I couldn't believe it.

I really want to thank them for that. They are one of the last remaining Entertainment news shows that has kept its dignity and high standards in the current morally degraded climate we are now in.

In the past couple of years, high profile type people seem to have less and less rights , less privacy and protection. The onslaught of internet and tabloid sites mostly want only blood now. They have managed to make being a public figure a 24/7 public stoning and execution of various sorts. Some obviously more brutal than others.

It is so nice that ET does not engage in that and that they still respect people , entertainers and artists. That they see and respect their value in society and still give them some dignity and respect.

THANK YOU !!!!!! :)


I have been asked where the Pictures that are appearing on ET are coming from.

They were taken by Davis Factor and 2 of them will appear in Marie Claire.

Unfortunately , I can't get behind the article that goes along with them though.

I gave a 3 hour heart felt interview and what became of it was Quotes that were usually about something else entirely in the conversation , grossly simplified and taken way out of context and sprinkled randomly and erroneously throughout the 2 pages.

If you want it for the photos then great but I am not behind the article at all.


I hope you are happy (or at least mildly amused... )

For those who have been asking me, I am not recording at the moment as there isn't much room for breathing and singing right now, most of that area has been taken up and I cant really sing a line without running out of air halfway though. Writing and recording will resume when the little occupants in there have decided to join the outside world:)

Take Care and talk to you soon


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