Angel Rodriguez (lascivit) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Angel Rodriguez

Blake Lewis' got a new bitch...well kinda

Sir Diddimus..... The Knight of Splendor

My New Pup!!!

Meet Sir Diddimus..... It is funny that people say that dogs are just like there owner. I didn't believe it till now. Sir Dids.. is super chill and when you get him going he's a lil hyper terrorizer. I've never had a dog and I thought now was the perfect time. He's my lil buddy. I picked him up off of through Gingers Pet Rescue here in Seattle. If you are looking at getting a pet I highly suggest or finding out where your nearest Pet Rescue Center is. There are thousands of amazing dogs, cats, bird and many other pets each year that have been mistreated and never have seen what its like to be loved.

On to news....
Where to start.... Orchestral Drive-By: KJ and I are about 5 songs deep now. Can't wait for you all to hear this. I haven't been this excited in a while. I haven't been able to produce in a year and half, besides a couple songs on A.D.D. and from what I have learned in the last year, it sure has paid off. STOKED!!!

I just finished up shooting a music video for my friends Common Market. The song is called Trouble Is and the video was shot my Zia. And amazing director, who I will be working with in the near future. I played 4 different characters. Watch out for Bob Bobberson, Guy with wig on... heheh, The omni-supergalactic music director Rich Buttersfield and Myself.

Bob Bobberson..... Bob Bobberson is here.

I'm heading to Norway next week for a Charity basket ball game. SO Pumped!! I've never been to Norway before. I haven't played basketball in God knows how long. And let me tell ya... That gonna be one excited adventure. Me out of shape, doing 360 jumps.. hahaha not so much. Wish me luck.

In about an hour, I'm heading up to the mountains for some R & R at The Summer Meltdown. My favorite music festival I go to every summer. Magic!!

TV Gasm Interview. I had fun with this one

This is 11 mini interviews with Two performances at the end.

Hope you like it.

Last.... you can win a Flip video camera with my signature on it here.
I was filmed by Real Magic TV on 20 Flip Video Cameras. Pretty sweet

Sir Diddimus and I say......

Love and Happiness

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