Sarbear (team_britney) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

When your famous you can't go to the hospital


Latest: California health watchdogs are to investigate more staff members at Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Center over their involvement in the snooping into celebrity health records.

More than 50 physicians and medical workers at the unit have already been probed over claims they improperly viewed celebrity medical records. One former administrative specialist, Lawanda Jackson, has been indicted for allegedly selling outpatient records to the media.

The medical records of stars including Tom Cruise, Farrah Fawcett, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Britney Spears are believed to be at the centre of the ongoing investigation, which was launched after an expose by the Los Angeles Times newspaper earlier this year.

But in a new state report, The California Department of Health investigators found that nearly twice as many medical centre employees than previously reported had looked at stars' confidential medical records.

It means an additional 60 workers could be investigated.

Department of Health boss Kathleen Billingsley says, "What's startling to us is, as we get to a point where we feel we've addressed a specific complaint and a specific issue, we identify additional issues. It's very disturbing to see this."


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