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Eric Bana films his lust for a car

Australian actor Eric Bana is set to make his directorial debut in a comedy about his love affair with a 1974 Ford.
Starring Bana as himself, the film, called Love The Beast, is about his 25-year-long infatuation a Falcon Coupe.
To be released early next year, it has been shot for the last two years and is currently in post production.

Bana has remained quiet about the movie until now, but decided to announce it after it turned into something bigger than expected. “It has been both fun and incredibly exhausting at the same time and has enabled me to combine two of the things that I love - cars and filmmaking,” the Hollywood star said in a statement. “It started out as a simple project, but events along the way conspired to turn it into something I could never have envisioned.”

Distributor Madman Entertainment said the movie had strong comedy elements. “In an unexpectedly emotional journey, Eric explores the importance of friends, hobbies, and what it means to live life to the fullest,” she said.

“Along the way Eric seeks counsel and guidance from household names such as (US talk show host) Dr Phil and (Top Gear host) Jeremy Clarkson.”

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Sounds like fun.

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