Johnny Depp to star as the Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp to star as The Mad Hatter in Burton's upcoming "Alice in the Wonderland"

The Tim Burton-Johnny Depp couple is back. The director is beginning the cinematic adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland" and is planning to bring back his favourite actor. In Burton's eyes, the tale has a character which would be perfect for Depp: the Mad Hatter. The film will be out in 2010 and, if press leaks are confirmed, it will be the seventh time that Burton and Depp will be working together, who have on their curriculum such successful films together as "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", "Edward Scissorhands" and the recent "Sweeney Todd".

for the WIN. im excited.

edit : tbh, i don't think i'll ever be sick of these depp-burton movies.
they could spit one out every year for the rest of their lives and i'd be buying a ticket ( or at the very least, renting the dvd, hee hee ) to each of 'em

Fun Fact : Johnny Depp is godfather to Tim Burton's son ( Billy Ray Burton ) as of 2007