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Dark Knight Could Save Green Lantern, Justice League Flicks

The record success of The Dark Knight might have slapped a couple Bat-paddles on the fading hearts of two more comic book movies -- perhaps saving both with a $400 million dollar cry of: "Clear!
According to reports, The Green Lantern is recharging his ring while The Justice League awakens from a Hollywood strike-induced coma.

Just when it looked like DC Comics was doomed to fall hopelessly behind Marvel in the superhero-powered battle for the world's movie theaters, along came Batman and his quest to sink Titanic's box office crown. As Iron Man soared to early summer success, with The Incredible Hulk smashing up his side of the bargain, Marvel was the publisher with a cinematic clue -- while DC labored under Warner Bros.'s perceived bungling of the Superman franchise.

But The Dark Knight elevated comic book movies to a new level and put DC titles back on the movie menu. It's still "up, up" in the air when Warner Bros. will kick Superman back out of the phone booth -- and Christopher Nolan is still contemplating a third Batman film. So, it's up to these other titles to keep DC in the game for a while.


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