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Sienna Resumes Homewrecking Duties


Sienna Miller was seen kissing Balthazar Getty, despite reports he is trying to save his marriage. The British actress was reported to have shared a brief embrace with the married actor outside Ralph's grocery store in Malibu, California, around midday on Sunday.

Sienna had been waiting in a car as Balthazar - who was reported to have spent the weekend trying to save his marriage to estranged wife Rosetta - rode his bicycle up and down the pavement of Malibu Colony Plaza Shopping Center checking for paparazzi.

After giving her the thumbs up to signal that the coast was clear, the 'Edge of Love' actress left the car and after enjoying the quick kiss went into the store. Balthazar - who was wearing a grey T-shirt and black cotton pants - continued to check for waiting photographers on his bike as Sienna, 26, shopped.

Before giving Sienna the all-clear, Balthazar was approached by a shopper - who was entering Ralph's - who called out his name as he was entering the store.

A startled Balthazar said "yes, hi" before quickly getting back on his bike and riding off, before returning to double check for paparazzi. It had been reported that Balthazar spent Saturday having talks with Rosetta in a bid to convince her to give their marriage one more try.

The 33-year-old actor and Rosetta, 38, were said to have spent the afternoon at the couple's marital home in Los Angeles. The estranged couple have four children - Cassius, eight, Grace, seven, four-year-old Violet and June, 10 months - and have been married for eight years.

Sienna and Balthazar were pictured last month frolicking on a beach and yacht, with one photo showing her with her legs wrapped around him.



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