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The Sisterhood Do TRL

The cast of Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera and Blake Lively were photographed at the MTV Studios in New York City on Monday (August 4).
Lively recently gave an interview to NewsBlaze.
On her fashion sense resembling her character, Bridget: Well Bridget is like Indiana Jones, and I don't dress like that. And I don't wear soccer outfits. So mine is very different. That was an easy answer for me!
On the craziest stories she has read about herself: The things they make up. I've had people call me and be like, you didn't tell me you were in town. When I'm across the country. Because I was seen making out with somebody, or shopping in some store, or something. Also another one, from the hair and makeup girls. It was funny, so they put it up in our trailer. It was like, Blake tells a tall tale! And it was that I'm really five foot four. But that I lie, and I say that I'm really tall. And that I'm wearing stilts to be really tall!They were like, the only way she's anywhere near five ten, is if she's on stilts. And it was this big article. It was like half the page.
On watching herself on screen: I get really shy watching myself in a movie. Even if I'm with my family or friends. I just want to hide! And in this movie, I felt my worst scenes were with my father. Because it felt so strange to be working alongside him.

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