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It's ok. You hein-ass bitch, all fraudulent. Take your shoes off.

the full interview is at the are the more interesting parts

A big part of the first episode deals with you in the gym. You’ve always been upfront about the fluctuation of your weight, and I wondered if you wanted to talk more about it.

I would love to talk about my weight. I was going through a difficult time in my life. The chain-smoking started to get to me physically. My heart was beating all over the place. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was up to a pack and a half a day. I guess it’s from an oral fixation. So I quit smoking, and then I started eating. I would smoke like 25 times a day, so I started eating like 25 times a day. I gained about 30 lbs. It was really rough, but I’m happy to say I lost a lot of that weight. I was heavy for my show, and I hope I can inspire people. For me to be that heavy was something new I was dealing with and here I am out here in Hollywood 30 lbs. heavier and a newcomer and trying to get roles. I had a lot of things working against me, to try to break the reality stigma, as well. The cards were not stacked in my favor. But I think everything happens for a reason. I’m back down to my normal weight and I’m still out here, so everything happens for a reason, I guess.

How’s it working out for your breasts? You’ve had the implants for a while now. Do they hurt? Do they ever cause back problems?

I think I’m gonna be slipping back into the doctor’s chair really soon because I want to get them redone. I want to go a little bit smaller. Just because my boobs, they look good and everything, but they’re taking the fun out of shopping sometimes. What happens is every part of a top can fit, but then when you get to the boobs, it won’t fit. I’m such a hard person to fit right now that I think I need to go down a couple of cup sizes so I can have fun shopping again.

Are there any actresses you look up to?

I love Queen Latifah. She comes to mind first. I love Vivica A. Fox and a lot of older actresses like Susan Sarandon and Sharon Stone. These are people that I watch that I kind of try to pick up how they convey their characters. I like to watch passionate actresses.

We’ve talked before about your love of horror movies. Do you see yourself appearing in one?

I so see myself doing horror. I was offered a part in one, but my schedule conflicted, and I couldn’t get out to L.A. to shoot it. But there’ll be others! reported recently about your breakup with Tailor Made. Do you have an official statement?

The breakup plays out on the show, but there was a lot of things that I said that I didn’t mean, and a lot of back-and-forth. For me to be the bigger person, I’ll be honest and say we’re both good people, we just weren’t good for each other. I wish him the best. I hope he finds love and happiness. I’m gonna find love and happiness when it’s time for me to.

It’s a shame, because it really did look like it was working out.

Yeah, and I really did want it to. I thought it was. When people start to fall apart or pull out or let a little fame go to their heads because they never had it before…they hear girls calling their names and they hear guys calling their names and people are buying drinks and picking up your tab, things like that you cannot let go to your head and make you feel like you don’t need me all of a sudden. That’s exactly what happened. I’m not here to dish dirt, I’m just calling a spade a spade and that’s what happened.

He just couldn’t hang?

He couldn’t hang.

Have you paid any attention to I Love Money?

I haven’t been able to sit down and watch any television. I’m still getting my place together and I have my daughter with me.



Princess? ***um this is her dog right?........**

Yes! She’s here, so I’m a full-time mom. I have to give her a lot of love and attention. But I did see Episode 1 of I Love Money, when they sent the little Mac-ster home.

He was really disrespectful of women, which surprised me because he seemed to really respect you on I Love New York 2.

Yeah. We’re still in contact. He’s a nice person. I have to admit it was very hilarious. I have TiVO, so I had to run that back again, like, “What did he just say?” (Laughs)

You got into it with quite a few people on that show. Are there any outstanding feelings or resentment for them?

I don’t have any ill feelings about anybody that I bickered with because I don’t even think about those people anymore. They’re not even an equation in my life anymore. That said, things always get back to me. I’m not a real Internet person, but I know people who are and people will text me, like, “OK, there’s a lot of crap on the Internet. This one’s talking crap about you and this one’s saying this and that.” I’m like, wow. What a sad existence. I haven’t seen some of these people in a year. Some, two years. So if my name is still on your tongue, I must be doing something right because that makes me a hot topic. None of those people are even worth talking about so I don’t even think about those people anymore. It’s really sad, actually. Why hate? Why be jealous? Cream always rises to the top. That’s scientific. I’m the cream. I rose to the top and got my own show.


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