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"Fan builds working replica of Batman Tumbler"

Many people left the theatres inspired after watching The Dark Knight film, and one of these people, Bob Dullam, have gotten immensely inspired that he was able to come up with his own Batman Tumbler. In case you're wondering, yes, it's a working replica of the Tumbler found in the film. What's more impressive, however, is that Dullam made it all by himself in his garage.

Once you check out the pictures of the Batman Tumbler below, you can see that almost every detail is there: the huge, double-barrel wheels, the afterburner...heck, Dullam even came up with the Batsuit to go with the impressive set of wheels.

How much did the project cost? Dullam has given an estimate of US$ 50-70k. It's a pretty steep price for a hobby, but hey, some people just have lots of time and money to spend. We're pretty envious right now. And oh, check out that package.


Mods:  I know it's not celeb related but ONTD has covered a lot of TDK and I thought this was interesting and wanted to share with the rest of the ONTDers. 


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