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Yahoo! Rounds Up Baseless 'Batman 3' Rumors

Bring on Batman 3
by Mike Krumboltz

"The Dark Knight" is still on the tip of everyone's tongue. But now, instead of folks breathlessly asking each other if they'd seen it, talk has turned to speculation over Batman's next foe. Who's it gonna be?

iVillage is reporting that the Caped Crusader may take on the Riddler in "Batman 3." According to the rumor mill, Johnny Depp might sign on to play the nefarious super-criminal. But caveat emptor—this could be just as false as the one about Crispin Glover playing the Joker.

Slashfilm notes that there are additional possibilities floating around. For instance, Phillip Seymour Hoffman may play the Penguin or Angelina Jolie could don Catwoman's skin-tight suit. Truth or fiction, fanboys around the world must be having a heart attack at the mere possibility.

Still, the "official" rumor mill is just one of the ways superfans are checking in on the next Batman flick. Many seek the scoop themselves. We've noticed impressive searches on "batman 3 rumors," "dark knight sequel casting rumors," and "batman's next villain."

That last query is very telling. People clearly want to know the answer, but we doubt even the filmmakers have decided. To that end, may we offer the studio execs this humble piece of Search-informed advice: Go with Catwoman. She's far-and-away the most popular baddie and there are already a slew of searches on possible cast members including Jessica Biel, Amy Adams, and, wait for it, Maggie Gyllenhaal. Do fans think Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's one-and-only, was really the Catwoman all along?


To be honest, I really think that making Rachel Dawes Catwoman would enrage the fanbase to Batman and Robin proportions. Taking Selina Kyle out of the canon would be like making Darth Vader some random dude who didn't father anyone, or some other analogy that would relate to this. That would put the Nolan franchise on the S.S. Failboat for sure. The only reason that people are saying she's going to be Catwoman is because news got out that she was contracted for two films — people don't realize however that Rachel could appear in flashbacks, which, and I know this because I studied screenwriting in college, is a great plot exposition device! And Aaron Eckhart is supposedly contracted for a second film as well — leading credibility to the idea that Harvey Dent/Two-Face survived at the end of The Dark Knight. I think he did, mainly because he was still breathing as he lay on the ground, Batman survived the fall from the same height WITH the added weight of Gordon's kid on top of him, and because when Gordon eulogized Harvey Dent, it was a press conference, not a funeral, blah blah blah etc.

However, I think Angelina Jolie would do a fine job as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, although Kate Beckinsale has been campaigning for the role, and she looks damn fine in leather catsuits, plus she and Señor Bale have had great chemistry on film in the past. Johnny Depp as the Riddler though? Great actor, but they could find a better fit. And I'd definitely pass on Crispin "George McFly" Glover — he doesn't have the acting chops to pull off such a role. Also, Nolan dismissed Penguin a while ago as too far-fetched a character. My bet is either on Catwoman, the Riddler, or Two-Face, or maybe two of them, although the two major villains thing proved troublesome for
Spider-man 3 on a storytelling level. Nolan, however, has proven his screenwriting ability beyond a reasonable doubt, so I think he could definitely juggle two villains, which he sort of did at the end of The Dark Knight.


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