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It's been awhile since a regular Tilda update


At an age, 47, when most actresses are idling and struggling to find regular work, Tilda Swinton and her career are hitting turbo-drive. The longtime indie maven, who made eight films with the late Derek Jarman, won the Oscar for her nuanced portrayal of an amoral corporate lawyer in "Michael Clayton," surprising the stiff competition and herself. The Scottish and Cambridge-educated actress says she was "horrified" to hear her name (on winning the Oscar), adding wryly, "No one should be that unprepared in front of 3 billion people." 

Ask her how much she related to "Clayton's" Karen Crowder and she answers: "Not remotely, I'm happy to say." As for getting into character, she simply "put on 25 pounds, stole a look out of Professional Women Weekly and used my imagination." 

Tilda's Love of Film is Behind Nairn Film Festival (the Ballerina Ballroom Cinema of Dreams)
What inspired it, and how you can get in with just a tray of fairy cakes.

I love this woman so much. I don't care that that Variety photo looks like something out of the Olan Mills photo studio. She's fascinating, and I love that she's doing something sweet for her town.


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