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McAvoy Appreciates Life After Uganda Trip

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Actor James McAvoy was humbled by his trip to Uganda to shoot "The Last King of Scotland," because the poverty he witnessed in the African country made him realize he had nothing to complain about.

The Scottish star was brought up by his maternal grandparents in the rough Drumchapel area of Glasgow after his parents split when he was 7 years old.

McAvoy had long considered himself to have lived a hard life, but once he witnessed first-hand the desperate conditions most Ugandans had to live in, he was more appreciative of his upbringing.

He says, "I used to think that (I had a tough upbringing). I used to have a bit of a working-class chip on my shoulder, because the area I come from is so rough.

"But then I went to Uganda to make the film 'The Last King of Scotland' and I looked around at the poverty there, and I realized that, in relative world terms, I'm actually super-duper, upper-class, through-the-roof posh.

"Any chip I had on my shoulder about Glasgow was insulting to the people who lived in other parts of the world, and it made me completely re-evaluate my place in it."


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