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T.I. enlists Rihanna, Usher and JT on new album, remains sexy while doing so

The self-proclaimed “King of the South”, T.I, took time away from a recent video shoot to speak with SOHH about superstar features on his upcoming album, rumors of an joint album with Nelly, why he finally addressed fellow Bankhead rapper Shawty Lo and what he’s been reading lately.

In an exclusive interview with SOHH ATL’s Gyant, Tip professed to feeling honored and excited about his sixth album, Paper Trail, and gave some hints to who will be on the highly anticipated follow-up to 2007’s platinum disc, T.I. vs T.I.P. “We got Rihanna on there,” he revealed.

“We got
Fall Out Boy on there. Usher, Justin [Timberlake], uh let me see here, John Legend, that’s all I can give you.”
He also weighed in on the recent rumors about a possible collaboration with St. Louis rapper Nelly and where their relationship currently stands.

“Yeah we spoke about it, man,” he confessed. “Nelly a great partner of mine so you know, it’s definitely a possibility we just got to finalize the conversation. We’ve recorded a few songs together over time, ‘cause like I say, we have a great relationship with one another, so you know for us to get together and bang somethin’ out ain’t nothin.’” [Listen Here]

Tip admitting that details, including when the album would be released and on what label, have yet to be discussed. At the time it's just an idea that he is seriously looking into.

Tip also justified his decision to publicly open up about the recent disses from fellow ATLien Shawty Lo.
“I’m a man first, before I’m anything,” he explained. “I don’t mind helping out the next man, you know what I’m saying? I mean whatever, little bit of heat he get from it, you know what I’m saying, I wanna do the right thing with it. At the end of the day we all from Bankhead, man. We all, you know, represent the city.”

Adding that he has “never been a hater” and promising “truth conquers all,” he gave some insight for his possible motivation behind his alleged diss response “No Matter What” and why he's quick to address issues before they get out of hand.
“I’m still promoting peace and positivity but at the same time, man, I gotta correct folk,” he said. “When there are violations I must point them out. When you are incorrect about me, I must remind you.”

Moving away from music, Tip confessed his passion for other hobbies people would least expect him to engage in.
“I cook. I golf. I’m a hands-on father,” he revealed. “I read. I read the dictionary a whole lot, man, you know what I’m saying. I read for information more than I read for entertainment. I’m reading a poem book by Pablo Neruda. He’s a Colombian poet.”

As the interview concluded, Tip also revealed studying autobiographies of powerful African American leaders like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Muhammed Ali in an effort “to keep myself sharp.”

Paper Trail is currently scheduled to hit stores September 30 on Atlantic Records.


This article is really cute if you listen to it.
 I really can't wait for this album. If he pushes it back again...


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