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Lollapalooza picture and recap post

Behind the cut you will find my Lollapalooza experience in detail, featuring photos (some borrowed, most personally taken) of Radiohead, NIN, MGMT, Perry Farrell, Slash, Mark Ronson, Phantom Planet, The Kills, The Black Keys, DJ AM, DJ Mom Jeans, and VHS or Beta along with set lists, reviews, and oh so much more. Take the jump!

Day 1

As tempting as it is, don't get completely shitfaced before a music festival. Unless you're one of those lucky people who never suffers from a terrible hangover. I'm not. Day 1 had my favorite lineup starting with The Kills who I was totally psyched for, almost more than anyone. But I was so hungover and it was so hot it was very hard for me to focus on the set and near the end I had to sit down or get sick and faint in a crowd. I don't enjoy sitting out my favorite acts. Needless to say I did not get close enough to take photos and I couldn't steadily hold a camera anyway. Day 1 went as follows:

- The Kills; setlist: U.R.A. Fever, Pull A U, Sour Cherry, Tape Song, No Wow, Alphabet Pony, Last Day of Magic, Kissy Kissy, Getting Down, Cheap and Cheerful, Fried My Little Brains

- The Black Keys; setlist: Girl Is On My Mind, Set You Free, Thickfreakness, 10 A.M., Same Old Thing, Stack Shock Billy, Busted, Everywhere I Go, Strange Times, Your Touch, The Breaks, I'm Glad, No Trust, I Got Mine.

- Grizzly Bear; setlist: Two Weeks, Little Brother, Knife, Fine For Now, Untitled, Fix It, On A Neck, On A Spit, While You Wait For The Others.

- VHS or Beta DJ set:

- and of course Radiohead; setlist: 15 Step, Airbag, There There, All I Need, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The Gloaming, The National Anthem, Faust Arp, No Surprises, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Reckoner, Lucky, The Bends, Everything In Its Right Place, Fake Plastic Trees, Bodysnatchers, Videotape, Paranoid Android, Dollars & Cents, House Of Cards, Optimistic, 2+2=5, Idioteque.

With 75,000 people to compete with, I was nowhere near close enough to get photos of that but here are some good ones from brooklyn vegan. please don't be like my sister who said to me, "try to get up front for Nine Inch Nails, ok?" Yeah........okay. You try that sometime with tens of thousands of people in the audience, you let me know how it goes. I can say about the Radiohead set, though, I was blown away by every single factor of it. The audience was completely focused and cohesive. 75,000 people silent during Fake Plastic Trees unless they were singing along, that's a good crowd. The venue and it's runners showed much respect by not playing a single other act during their set, not even a lousy DJ act. It was like watch Radiohead or get the fuck out. and everyone did (watch Radiohead). On top of that the light show was entrancing and the random fireworks that went off due to the Bears game during The Bends was so perfectly timed and fitting, no one even knew it wasn't part of the show until we read about it the next day. They did a great set list and Thom Yorke was in an unusually chatty and friendly mood, I think he may have even been humorous. That's somethin'.

- MGMT after show @ The Double Door; setlist: Of Moons, Birds and Monsters, Weekend Wars, The Youth, Future Reflections, 4th Dimensional Transition, Pieces of What, Electric Feel, Time To Pretend, The Handshake, Metanoia, Kids.

Ahhh! At the very last minute I bought tickets off some dude on craigslist for this completely sold out show featuring Mates of State and MGMT. Now, the ticket and every promotional piece I read said MGMT were the opening act. I guess by the time the actual show came around they were too big for that and thank God, because we had one hour to haul ass after Radiohead to make it to this show. We thought we'd missed them. But they weren't on until after midnight. And after the show we ran around back and talked to the guys for a little bit. It was around this time MGMT entirely monopolized my Lollapalooza experience forcing me to make them my number one priority. But we'll get to that.

We talked a little about New York and before this photo was taken he said, "Here, I'll be real New York right now," and put a cigarette in his mouth and gave a angsty face.

Day 2

There weren't many bands I wanted to see on this day, and after a lineup like Day 1 nothing could be as good anyway. The very first and really only band I wanted to see was MGMT. We showed up an hour and a half early and sat through Dr. Dog's shitty set, pushed our way to the front as soon as they were done, and sat and fried in the sun for the next hour+. With loud and obnoxious MGMT hipster fans. I know, it's bad, but I have made my decision to like this band and I'm standing by it, annoying fan base or not.

- MGMT; setlist: Of Moons, Birds and Monsters, Weekend Wars, The Youth, Future Reflections, 4th Dimensional Transition, Pieces of What, Electric Feel, Time To Pretend, The Handshake, Kids

Andrew's Kid's garb. I realize it's not cute.

- Explosions In The Sky I saw some of while waiting for the MGMT signing, and from what I saw they were decent. Sorry not good enough for a set list.


- DJ Mom Jeans aka Danny Masterson

- Wilco and Rage Against The Machine, I caught a little of both while walking around, cleaning up, and regrouping after 3 hours of dancing. Don't really care for either band, so you all get nothing, sry.

Day 3

Initially I assumed Day 3 would revolve around Mark Ronson and Nine Inch Nails. That's what's so great about festivals, you never know what surprises lie within. On the schedule I saw a 15 minute set on the Kidz stage (basically a stage where kiddie music and bands play, where parents can amuse their children, etc. Perry is a dad so he's into the family thing) by Perry Farrell. Well Jane's Addiction is one of my favorite bands so I figured why the hell not? Maybe he'll just talk for 15 minutes. I WAS WRONG. SO VERY WRONG.

- Perry Farrell AND SLASH: Superstitious (Stevie Wonder cover), Knockin' On Heaven's Door (G 'N R version), Mountain Song, Jane Says

There were no smoking signs all over the Kidz stage but Slash lit up on stage anyway because he's rock 'n roll.

- Black Kids: sorry, their setlist isn't available anywhere and since it was almost my first time hearing them, I couldn't memorize it if I tried. but they were very fun and looked to be having a good time, which makes me have a good time.

- G. Love and Special Sauce; setlist: Can't Go Back To Jersey, Back Of The Bus, Let The Music Play, The Hustle, City Livin', Baby's Got Sauce, Booty Call, Roaches, Who's Got The Weed, Hot Cookin', Cold Beverage, Peace Love Happiness. He was cool. I had a beer.

- Mark Ronson w/ many special guests (most of whom I can't name so try to figure it out yourselves from the photos); setlist: Eleanor Rigby, Apply Some Pressure, Toxic, PSA/Dynomite, Brand New, I Wish I Could Have loved You More, Oh My God, Amy, Out Of Control, You Don't Know What Love Is, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Simon Says/Ante Up/Cambodia, Ooh Wee, D.A.N.C.E., Apache, Jump On It, Jump Off, Just, California, Valerie, Stop Me.


Special guests???

Daniel Merriweather.

Dude from Phantom Planet, and other dude from Phantom Planet.

Everyone came out on stage at the end and had a party.

Special douchebag guests backstage.


- Nine Inch Nails; setlist: 999,999, 1,000,000, Letting You, Discipline, March of the Pigs, The Frail, Closer, Gave Up, The Warning, Vessel, Ghosts 5, Ghosts 25, Ghosts 19 , Piggy, The Greater Good, Pinion, Wish, Terrible Lie, Survivalism, The Big Come Down, Only, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like a Hole, Echoplex, Hurt, In This Twilight.

This show and stage setup was absolutely A+. I can tell you the crowd was rowdy but not NEARLY as bad as the Rage crowd, and everyone in the audience was terribly moved by Hurt. Grown men were crying. What do you expect, it's Hurt. I think we were all overly emotional because it was the very last act of the entire festival. Devastating.

Bands I missed: any act before 3pm. Love and Rockets (Mark Ronson took precedence at that time but I was hurting over it), Perry Farrell with Slash and Samantha Ronson on Day 2 with Lindsay Lohan scowling in the background (MGMT was on at the same time all that went down. That's fucked up to do to a person). The National (they went on during Mark Ronson as well). Bands I either am not into or have heard of and wanted to check out but scheduling just did not allow. Over all I got everything I wanted in and had a blast doing it. I know everyone says this, but I really am going every year from now on.

sources: zimbio, brooklyn vegan 1, 2, and 3, and me and my camera.

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