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T.I. films 2 more music videos, remains sexy while doing so

The self-proclaimed "King Of The South," TI, has been working his a*s off in Atlanta these past couple of days shooting two videos for "What's up What's Happenin" and "Louie Rag" with Swizz Beats. Y'all already know I got on the set to give you all a tiny preview of what's in store for "Louie" which I got for you below.

"Whats Up What's Happenin'" was shot at Club Crucial in Bankhead. I opted out of schlepping it way out there for the video shoot, but everybody keeps telling me about T.I. running into Shawty Lo while filming the video. Apparently there is a photograph circulating around showing eveyrbody who the real King of Bankhead is and I hear it's not Shawty Lo. BEN, SEND ME THE PICTURE!!!!!!
I also got the chance to interview Cliff for you guys, but he was surprisingly camera shy. For the first time in my blogging history I had to borrow a tape recorder from Necole Bitchie to conduct the interview. I know it won't be what you are all used to, but what can I say....it is what it is! I will have that one for you tomorrow.

Throwback T.I. video of the day

I'm home sick today so I may make a few more T.I. posts. :-)


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