Angel Rodriguez (lascivit) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Angel Rodriguez

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allo people

its been ages since ive even been on here, let alone say hello. i moved into my new flat a couple of weeks back and am yet to sort out internet, thats why!
ive been given a month off, so have been settling in, seeing my friends, going to bbqs and walking round the markets. ive started writing again which im loving and am so excited about, found the new topic for the next record..hahaha

other than that not much has been happening. im getting a kitten and im gonna call him george. cant believe i got nominated for the mercury! werent expecting that at all. i hope i get to see robert plant, i love love love that album with alison krauss!

anyway, just wanted to check in. and by the way im not ignoring friend requests..theres something wrong with the thing that accepts! sorry
ill keep you updated on stuff coming up when im back on the road!

hope your all well!
adele xx

6:26 PM

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