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SYTYCD Spoilers

So You Think You Can Dance
Spoilers For This Week's Episode (The Finale!)

Spoilers include dance styles, chreographers, costume info, music and judges' comments. Spoilers are under the cut

Mandy Moore is the guest judge.
Cat is wearing a dark gold, Herve Leger-esque dress and black gladiator heels.
Mary is in a dress that can only be described as a spider-web.

Court/Katee- Tyce Broadway to instrumental version of the Trolley Song from Meet Me In St. Louis. Katee is in pink, Court is in yellow. Lots of roses and wickety wack on the costumes, it's like a cross between a sheperdhess and a flamenco dancer, sort of. The dance uses a prop, white parasols, which the girls were both nervous about according to the package. Lots of jumping and synced up dancing.

Katee solo- to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, a quintessentially Katee solo. She wore this patterned silk hankerchief dress.
Court solo- to (I'm pretty sure) Special Two by Missy Higgins (it's definitely Missy, I'm just not totally sure on the song). She wore a low-backed right yellow dress. It was a little more contemporary than we've seen from her, but still with lots of jumps and turns.

Twitch/Josh- Russian trepak by Yuri- I-can't-remember-his-last name to Nutcracker Suite. White shirt with blue trim and blue pants (Josh) and white shirt with red trim and red pants (Twitch), very traditional Russian costumes. Incredibly athletic routine, lots of jumping and turning by Josh, floorwork section by Twitch in which he is all on his knees the entire time.

Twitch solo- not sure on the music. No "T" shirt, but a "T" shirt used as a doo-rag. Lots of popping and hand movements, more than we've seen from him before, IIRC.

Josh solo- Red and blue striped shirt and jeans, he actually ran off the stage and jumped onto the judge's platform and started dancing. Lots of playing to the audience and to the judges, he does several sections of booty shaking and ends in the splits.\


Twitch/Katee Foxtrot- Melanie and Tony to "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble. Katee is in an ankle- length sky blue dress with lots of fringe, Twitch is in a tuxedo. Twitch does some heavy lifting in this, including a full press over the shoulders in the middle of one that the judges went crazy for. Judges love it for the most part, Mary tells Katee that she could walk into the US Ballroom Championships in September because she is so good.

Courtney/Josh Jive- Jason Gilkin (Glikman?) to "Dirty Boogie" (I think) by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Josh is in jeans, white shirt, and burgandy leather jacket. Court is in tall boots with fringe and a burgandy leotard-almost dress that has short skirt of fringe that is accented with a fringe detail at the top. Lots of fast footwork and flicks, lots of lifts including an around the world with a flip kick sequence thing that the judges go crazy for. However, Nigel pretty much pans the number by saying that the technique wasn't really there. Mandy says it lost energy which suprised her. Mary went on and on about how difficult it was.

Courtney/Twitch Hip Hop- NappyTabs to a very popular song that I can't remember right now, but I know it was on the Step Up 2 Soundtrack if that helps anyone. She's the crazy demented girlfriend who is mad at him for going out to the clubs. They're both in light colors, him in a vest and khakis and a tie (I think), her in plaid pants and a beige-y shirt. Lots of isolations and accents on the music, including this sequence where Court mimes punching him in the face, chest, and "family jewels."

Josh/Katee Contemp--> Wade to John Mayer song that I didn't know. Wade says it's about love being hard work, and a couple who has a big fight and is now making up. Katee is in anther (darker) purple negliee, Josh is in a blue shirt and (I think) blue pants. I had a hard time seeing this one, and they didn't put it on the monitors because it was only being shot with one steady cam and one single light in a continuous, round shot. It should look cool on TV. There was a lot of floorwork and partner work, including this memorable bit where Josh kisses Katee's elbow.

Special Performances-->
Debbie Allen Dancers feat. Nigel- Tap routine to Boogie Wonderland mix with some other songs. Group of little dancers, and then Nigel comes in and does a sort of battle type thing with them. They all waddle of like penguins, it's very entertaining and "show-biz," if that makes sense. They did record a sound track before, so you should be able to hear the sounds.

Mary and Dima Samba--> I'm pretty sure it's to that "Danced with the DJ" song that Will and Court did. If not that song, then it's a song by that same artist. Dima is wearing black pants and a white, slouchy button down that he....wait for it.....gets ripped open by Mary. Mary is in a short red dress with three layers of fringe and a lot of rhinestones, along with silver t-strap heels that are rhinestoned, and four chunky, rhinestoned red and white bracelets. Lots of footwork in their samba, as well as some samba rolls. Mary has a very coquettish, subtle style which really surprised me- I thought she would be more aggressive and sharp like Heidi.

The Jonas Brothers performed their song about raising the temperature, can't remember the name.

Group dance is a Scottish-inspired number by Mia, dancers are wearing kilts, guys are shirtless, girls have contrasting tartan vests and kilts. They use a burgandy curtain type thing in the beginning. Mia says the dance is celebratory of their time on the show. It's VERY athletic and quirky, lot of isolations and jerking and rebounding, as well as lots of jumps and partner work. The song is an instrumental, lots of bagpipes.

I missed the dance with dancers from past seasons, but this is who I can remember seeing who was in it, as I walked in just after it was finished: Thayne, Jaimie, Ivan, Benji, Melody, Lauren, Dominic, Hok, Chelsea, Kourtni, Gev, Dima, Comfort. There were probably more, but it's 1:00 AM and my brain is fried. 

*These spoilers are from someone who attended the taping, not me.*



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