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Cassie Has Nipple Rings and Complex Can Prove It!

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Cassie gets caught with her nipple jewelery showing while chatting with Complex Magazine.

While rumors of an engagement to her boss, P.Diddy, have been circling the internet the question whether 22 year old R&B singer Cassie has a Bad Boy ring around her finger may or may not be true but one thing is for certain - Cassandra Ventura DEFINITELY has nipple rings!!! Which may or may not be prominent in the world of celebrity gossip but it certainly is here.

The Filipino, Mexican, West Indian, and Black model turned singer, turned actress, turned singer again who has recently been battling a whirlwind of rumors including an alleged engagement with Bad Boy president, and father of six, Sean "Diddy" Combs was in Puerto Rico to shoot a photo spread for Complex Magazine's August/September issue. A shoot which was meant to help promote Cassie's 2nd album.

During the interview with Complex, Cassie, best Best known for her 2006 hit "Me & U", may have been wearing a top which exposed a little too much of the "Step Up 2" star's chestorial jewlery:

Was it super-painful when you got your nipples pierced?
Cassie: I don’t have any nipple piercings!

Um, yes you do.

Cassie: Can you really see them? [Laughs.] It’s not like I was trying to hide them. I wear T-shirts, so you’re going to see them. I think it’s sexy. I’m proud of them. I wasn’t expecting that [question]! No, it’s not too painful. It stings when it happens. It’s a really strange feeling.

When did you get them?

Cassie: It was kind of for a reason: my mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor. They have gene-testing for that cancer gene, so I got tested. I got my piercings before I got my results, like positive energy. I’m sitting there with my parents, my mom’s sobbing after she finds out that I don’t have the gene, and I’m like, “Guess what, Mom and Dad, I got my nipples pierced!”

[Laughs.] What did they say?

Cassie: They just laughed at me. But it was nerve-racking because I was like, “My mom’s going to kill me if I have this gene and I got these things.”

What do you think about piercings for sexual purposes? Pro? Anti?

Cassie: I’m not against them. Oh my God, I hope my Dad doesn’t read this.

No title or exact release date for Cassie's new album has been revealed yet but word is it was produced by Kanye West and Pharrell and should be released some time in early 2009.

Watch More Behind-The-Scene's Clips of Cassie's Photoshoot For Complex Magazine's August/September Issue by CLICKING HERE


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