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Top 10 TV Shows Killed By College

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We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Our favorite shows get the axe (or start to suck majorly) as soon as the characters head off to college. It seems that TV can’t do college. Here are some examples:

1) Boy Meets World
We all grew up with Cory, Shawn, Eric and Topanga. We even went with them to Pennbrook University. Unfortunately, that is where our beloved show took a turn for the worst.

2) Saved By The Bell: The College Years
The original show taught us everything we needed to know about high school. When the characters went to the fictional California University, however, the new version of the show crashed and burned.

3) Dawson’s Creek
Life at Capeside High School was full of drama and we were hooked. After the gang headed off to college, the juice dried up. When Dawson dropped out of USC, we knew that the show was done for.

4) Gilmore Girls
This show was smart and sassy so it was fitting for resident good-girl Rory to go to Yale. Once there though, there was nothing to blabber about and the show was taken off the air.

5) Veronica Mars
The high school days were what made this show such a breakout hit. As soon as Veronica Mars stepped foot on the campus of Hearst College, things went downhill, eventually leading the show to be cancelled.

6) Sabrina the Teenage Witch
This show made Friday nights magical. It was fun watching Sabrina go through high school trying not to use spells on the people who deserved them. When she went to college though, people stopped caring and the show promptly ended.

7) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Life at Sunnydale High was full of trials and tribulations. They made the show intriguing and like Sabrina, Buffy had a lot to hide. Life at UC Sunnydale, however, was not worth living and the show soon died.

8) Everwood
What set this show apart from the others was the fact that Ephram was supposed to go to Juilliard. His relationship with Amy got too complicated though, and by the time they both made up their minds about going to college, the show was already canned.

9) The O.C.
Admittedly, the O.C. was still pretty good even as Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer were preparing for college life. With acceptances into UC Berkeley and Brown University, it seemed life for them couldn’t be sweeter. However, the storyline got too messy and we simply didn’t want to keep up with it anymore.

10) Beverly Hills 90210
This might be the only show on the list that lasted, long after the characters went to college. Still the show was not what it had used to be and it was time to say goodbye long before the series finale.



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