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Regis & Kelly Get Ugly

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Ugly is the new black.

Just days after it was confirmed that Mark Consuelos will guest star in the third episode of Ugly Betty's newly relocated New York-set season comes word that his missus, Kelly Ripa, and morning cohort Regis Philbin will also be popping up for the Mode masses, appearing as themselves on the Sept. 25 premiere.

Betty herself, America Ferrera, announced the casting coup while appearing today on Live With Regis & Kelly.

Philbin and Ripa are the latest name-brand stars to lend their fierce selves to the show. And that's not even counting Lindsay Lohan, who's set to reprise her role as Betty's high school nemesis for a five-episode run this season.


Ugly Betty is the new Will & Grace, y/n?  They even have a Jack and Karen!

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