Lady Grinning Soul (untoldsarcasm) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Lady Grinning Soul

Lauper Lashes Out At 'Anti-American' Bush


Cyndi Lauper has launched a scathing attack on President GEORGE W. BUSH - accusing the U.S. leader of being "anti-American" and homophobic.
The Girls Just Want To Have Fun singer toured America last year (Jun07) on her annual True Colors trek - a gay rights touring revue to raise awareness of homophobia across the U.S.
And the star admits she hates most American Republicans' views on homosexuals, insisting it was a gay American man who prevented a plane from crashing into the White House on 9/11.
She explains, "This community (gay) for me is my beloved community. This (True Colors tour) is not a money-making venture. I have been running with this community all my life, and when I hear people like George Bush talk about the gay community being anti-American it makes my blood boil."
She adds, "The guy who saved the White House, one of the heroes who crashed that plane on 9/11, was gay - the rugby player Mark Bingham, who died on United 93. And does Bush ever mention that? Does he f**k.
"That gay guy saved his lousy ass. And this guy who says he prays to God, this guy who promotes hate and fear, this guy we call our President... This guy is the true anti-American."


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