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Ed Harcourt To Score Unwelcome Donnie Darko Sequel

Surely Donnie Darko enthusiasts aren't awaiting the highly frowned upon sequel, S. Darko, which I must point out will not feature the original film's star Jake Gyllenhaal or writer/director Richard Kelly. But fans of turn-of-the-millennium British pop music should get stoked about the score, which is being written as we speak by Ed Harcourt.

According to blog The Playlist, Harcourt signed on after meeting director Chris Fisher at a recent gig in Los Angeles. Despite being known for his Nick Drake-like pop/folk arrangements, Harcourt is venturing out of his comfort zone and seeking inspiration from "ambient electronic texturalists and avant composers Autechre, Aphex Twin, Phillip Glass and Arvo Pärt. The idea is to make it 'surreal and psychedelic, just like the movie,'" the blog reports.

And in case you're wondering about the film itself, and just how bad this inevitable straight-to-DVD classic will be, the film picks up seven years after the first when the now-deceased Donnie's little sister Samantha Darko (Daveigh Chase, the only original recurring cast member) and her best friend take a a roadtrip to Los Angeles, where they encounter a series of freaky happenings and visions. Sounds like a hit!

Jackson Rathbone - Jeremy

Elizabeth Berkley - Trudy

Briana Evigan - Corey

Justin Chatwin

Ed Westwick - Randy

James Lafferty - Iraq Jack

Daveigh Chase - Samantha Darko

John Hawkes ... Phil

wiki god.
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