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some gabriella cilmi news

Gabriella Cilmi "proud" of avoiding Aussie soaps

Gabriella Cilmi has revealed that she is "proud" to have found fame without the help of a soap role.

The singer claimed that she would never have followed in the footsteps of her fellow Aussies Kylie Minogue and Natalie Imbruglia by starting out on Neighbours.

"I'm very proud of the fact that I didn't come from a soap," Cilmi told the Daily Record. "Everyone swears they've seen me on Neighbours or Home And Away, but I've never done them. I watch them and like them but can't see myself acting."

Despite receiving international recognition for her debut single 'Sweet About Me' and album Lessons To Be Learned, the 16-year-old has decided to play it safe by continuing with her studies.

"I am studying by correspondence. It's pretty hard when you're travelling to keep track of what you're doing, but when I have free moments I can catch up," she explained.

"I've always said that if things didn't work out with the singing, I'd be a museum tour guide. I get very excited about museums and loved the Native American Room in the British Museum. It's cool."

Gabriella Cilmi signs US recording deal -- NOW it is America's turn to become sweet on teen singing sensation Gabriella Cilmi."

teen-year-old Cilmi is poised to become one of our most successful pop exports after scoring a lucrative American record deal.

American industry heavyweight Monte Lipman signed Cilmi to Universal's prestigious Republic imprint which launched British pop prince Mika and troubled soul diva Amy Winehouse in America.

Lipman says Cilmi has the goods to enjoy "success at the highest level."

"She's soon to become a member of the great Australian acts that have broken on a global scale and have made an impact on pop culture," he said.

Cilmi, who was discovered singing at a neighbourhood Italian fiesta when she was only 13, is still commanding the charts in the UK and back home with her debut single Sweet About Me.

It has achieved platinum status here and sold a phenomenal 200,000 copies in the UK, with her album Lessons To Be Learned matching those sales figures.

Sweet About Me has also hit the top 10 throughout Europe.

"It spins me out that I get to be in places on the other side of the world and hear people singing back my songs ... pretty crazy indeed," she said today.

While the demand for her overseas will limit her opportunities to head home, her label Warners will be lobbying heavily for her to perform at the annual ARIA Awards in October as she is expected to pick up a handful of nominations when voting closes later this month.

Her new single, Dont Want To Go To Bed Now is slowly making its way up the ARIA top 50.


Youth Music interview with Gabriella Cilmi at Glastonbury 2008:


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