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Behind the scenes pics from Cherry Bomb

A member of the IMDB message boards is currently working on Rupert Grint's new film "Cherry Bomb" and posted a few special behind-the-scenes photos today....

Also, a small snippet from an article in yesterday's "Sunday Life" newspaper in Belfast, Ireland:

'...Ron Weasley has definitely grown up this summer and has been transformed into a quiff-wearing, beer-drinking, love-struck teenager!

Actor Rupert Grint...has been sporting his new look over the past month during the filming of Cherrybomb.

And the star, who is famed for his messy mop of red hair, got a radical transformation when he arrived in town to start filming.

Bill Harris was the man charged with giving Rupert and his co-star Kimberly Nixon, their edgier looks for the film- due for general release early next summer.

"Our brief was to give Rupert an edgy, street-boy look and we worked with the hair and make-up team on set to come up with an idea of a quiff which suits the character he plays," said Bill, of Associate Hair in Stranmillis.

"We were trying to depict that image of boys not really wanting to be boys any longer when they are trying to appear more grown up and bluff their way into pubs and clubs."

Sporting his quiff on-set Rupert joked: "It has taken me a little while to get used to it and especially to seeing so much of my eyes. I am not sure if it's a look I will go for when I go back home, but it may take off though. You never know!"

EDIT: I'm adding the synopsis for you guys who don't know what the movie is about:
Cherry Bomb follows teenagers Luke, Malachy, and Michelle as they embark on a wild weekend of drink, drugs, shop-lifting and stealing cars. But what starts out as a game turns deadly serious when the three discover that they can't get off the wild ride they've set in motion.



The hair is growing on me; I can't help it... I wanna bone him so bad. and I can't wait to see how awesome he does in this movie. I think he's got alot of potential outside of Potter and this'll prove it! :)

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