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NEW Kaiser Chiefs album

Our new album is called 'Off With Their Heads', it is released worldwide on Monday 13th October 2008 (14th in USA).

It will feature all of these songs, in this order:

1. Spanish Metal
2. Never Miss A Beat
3. Like It Too Much
4. You Want History
5. Can't Say What I Mean
6. Good Days Bad Days
7. Tomato In The Rain
8. Half The Truth
9. Always Happens Like That
10. Addicted To Drugs
11. Remember You're A Girl

The album was produced by Mark Ronson & Eliot James at RAK & Eastcote Studios in London, and mixed by Andy Wallace (He did Nevermind and LCD Soundsystem), with a few tracks mixed by Cenzo Townshend. We started recording in February this year. We'd heard that Mark Ronson was keen to produce us and we had three new songs that we wanted to record. We also wanted to try working with someone who was relatively new in the producer world and Eliot James kept getting recommended to us. Due to the fact that time was not in abundance for anyone, we decided to all work together and see what happened. Those initial two weeks in February were so productive and enjoyable that we quickly had more songs and carried on, breaking off to write and rehearse back in Leeds and to see the world playing festivals. We never intended to make an album at first, in fact we were going to have a year off...

Interesting Facts (Part One):

Never Miss A Beat was the song that kicked it all off and will be the first single (released Monday 6th October). We wanted some female backing vocals at the end so asked Lily Allen and some members of New Young Pony Club. Lily also does backing vocals on the song 'Always Happens Like That'.

Like It Too Much features string arrangements from everybody's favourite Bond theme guy, David Arnold.

Half The Truth features a contribution from UK rapper Sway. He was literally passing and he knows Eliot so we asked him to make something up in a gap we had in the song and he delivered.

We're now working on the artwork and the video and basically everything else, as well as doing festivals till the end of the summer. We're planning a tour for later on in the year and looking forward to hearing the first single on the radio soon. Mark Ronson has been bigging up the album in interviews for a while now which is nice because it sounds better coming from someone not in the band but we think it's our best album yet.

Kaiser Chiefs

source - my email

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