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Olsen Twins Butt of Jokes at Bob Saget Roast

It's probably a good thing that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen skipped last night's Comedy Central Roast of their Full House father, Bob Saget.

Hosted by another Full House alum, John Stamos, the comedic beatdown included loads of raunchy sexcentric jokes about the Olsen twins.

Roasters like Jon Lovitz, The Sarah Silverman Program's Brian Posehn and Gilbert Gottfried showed no restraint during the two-hour taping on a Warner Bros. soundstage in Burbank. They even made several cracks about having sex wtih the Olsens when they were underage.

Perhaps Saget knew what was in store for him.

Before the show even started, he said, “I don’t have my children here. I don’t have my mother here. I can’t keep it clean tonight."

Saget did, however, bring along his girlfriend, Michelle Ghatchi.

But the Olsens may not have to worry about the jokes getting much TV time when the roast airs Aug. 17. "All our roasts tend to be super filthy," a Comedy Central rep said today. "This ranked right up there."

The rep also explained that Saget will get a chance to view the first cut of the roast, and the network "will work with him on any edit requests."

source: E!

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