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Do me, Chrissie Hynde

I'm sure there are a few Pretenders fans around these parts. The band has a new album, Break up the Concrete, coming out next month and they're giving away a new song every week. The first song to be released was "Boots of Chinese Plastic," (via AOL's Spinner). This week's song (well, technically last week's since we're set to get a new one tomorrow and Nikki Blonsky's and Miley Cyrus' posts teamed up and derailed my efforts to submit this last night, but I digress), "The Nothing Maker," is available from ilike.

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Boots of Chinese Plastic download page
The Nothing Maker download page

Shangri-La Music is proud to announce the newest album by one of rock’s seminal bands with the release of The Pretenders’ Break Up The Concrete out September 23rd. The album, the ninth in the band's illustrious career and its first in 6 years, has band leader Chrissie Hynde collaborating with a new group of musicians. Recorded in 10 days the result is a stripped down roots album, pure and raw, which highlights Hynde's timeless vocal sound.

While the music for Break Up The Concrete may have its origins in rock’s beginnings, the marketing of the album has Shangri-La Music boldly embracing the present and future. Starting today, the label is launching a massive MP3 Countdown campaign where each week a new song will be available for free download through a different media partner. This week’s song, “Boots of Chinese Plastic,” will be available through AOL's In subsequent weeks downloads will be available through Apple QuickTime's site,,, iLike, iMeem,, MSN Windows Media, Vh1 Classic, Yahoo and CBS Radio Online. Fans will be able to find where the next free MP3 will be available by going to Says Shangri-La’s Jeff Ayeroff, “The oldest and most basic form of exposing music is through word of mouth and the newest way is through the internet. This campaign combines both word of mouth and the muscle of 11 major online media partners and will allow people to hear how truly great this album is. Anyone who hears any of the tracks on Break Up The Concrete is going to tell everybody about it.”

Backing up Hynde on the album is a band that has no problems conjuring the true spirit of rock’s earliest days. Classic leads by guitarist James Walbourne, the twang of pedal steel from Eric Heywood, and backed by a concrete foundation laid by the rhythm section of bassist Nick Wilkinson and legendary drummer Jim Keltner, this band allows Hynde to show off her best vocal work and songwriting since the early days of The Pretenders.,,

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