pieces of April (aprilbegins) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
pieces of April

New York on Loveline: Fun for the whole family.

On my way home last night, my friend and I were listening to Loveline and ONTD's bb New York was the guest. I was elated because she's an amazing guest and my love for her has grown thanks to ONTD.

And in light of the ONTD member who called in to tell Josh Groban about the treehouse, I wanted to call in and talk to New York about our lovely community as well (and I wanted to talk to her anyway). You can hear the segment here.

And the BEST call was from a gay man who wanted oral sex advice from Her Majesty, which you can hear here. It's FANTASTIC.

Both clips get pretty explicit, but it's Loveline, so it's still sort of clean for the FCC.

Sources: me and lovelineshow.com

And this is the cue to post your favorite New York GIFs.

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