Lily (purplelily85) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

STARTLING NEWS: I am not the only one who thinks JC is gay anything other than an EXTREMELY HETEROSEXUAL, PUSSY-LOVING MAN!

Wow, really JC? Really? You're actually going to leave the house in a full-on tuxedo jacket layered over a v-neck summer sweater? And then you'll button up the jacket? Where do you get these ideas, old Bugs Bunny cartoons?
Listen, I know that being in a monochromatically dressed boyband during your formative fashion years makes you an abused child of sorts, but the other four have all made peace with their past and are now looking, well, better than you.
Plus, everyone thinks you're gay - not that there's anything wrong with that - but you'd think a guy who doth protest so much wouldn't dress like the newest conductor of the San Francisco Gay Men's Orchestra. So, get your hand off the wand and hire a stylist, or at least a pyromaniac to torch your closet.

NY Post (but hey, at least the NY Post is writing about him, right?)

"What I like to make my pants out of when silver snakeskin is unavailable."

"It used to be Chace Crawford, but we couldn't decide who would be the bottom."

New Source, since hates JC for being gay. HOMOPHOBES!

Also: The people over at (a FAN website with absolutely NO ties to JC!) insist that many JC fans are getting into a tizzy at any implications I make about JC here at ONTD and *~insist~* I stop doing so. Can any of you JC fans that are ***SERIOUSLY*** offended by these posts please let me know? THANKS!

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