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Hulk Hogan: "I Wish I Was Still With My Wife"

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Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea are embroiled in a nasty divorce, but the WWE wrestler revealed Friday, he wishes they were still married.

“As crazy as that sounds to say, I wish I was still with my wife,” Hogan told Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos.

After 23 years of marriage, Bollea, 48, surprised Hogan, 54, last November by filing for divorce. (He learned of the split from a newspaper reporter.)

Hogan shot down rumors that he and Bollea parted ways to protect their assets after a law suit was filed by the family of the boy permanently injured in their son Nick Bollea's car wreck.

“If this is a ploy, her being intimate with a 19-year-old kid is pretty good acting," Hogan said. “For me to be able to handle… my 50-year-old wife sleeping in a bed with a 19-year-old boyfriend and using my gym, and driving my cars, and living in my house. I guess we’ve got a pretty good act going on ‘cause that’s a lot to take on."

According to Hogan, the divorce was Bollea's idea.

“It wasn’t an argument, it was, ‘Hey, I don’t love you, I don’t want to be with you, I don’t want to see you anymore.’ It was the real deal,” Hogan told Menounos.

Since then, the two have been engaged in a messy legal war.

“Without a doubt, this one is the most formidable opponent I’ve ever run into," Hogan recently told Usmagazine.com.

"You talk about dirty tricks: Brass knuckles, steel knuckles, cheap shots, tripping people up. I’ve never seen anybody in the wrestling business that has more dirty tricks than she does!" he added. "I guess I taught her well.”

How long will they be battling in court?

“This is a simple divorce – there’s no custody, there’s just a big pile of junk that we’ve accumulated. We should split it," Hogan told Menounos."But my wife's lawyer has told different magazines there’s gonna be a war."

Hogan continued, “This is the money that I saved for my family, and money that Linda could walk away with, money that I saved for my children, that they’re just, they’re just wasting [it] and burning [it] up.”


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