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Check out Senor Bales gravel pit

THANK goodness, The Nerve weren’t the the only ones who noticed Christian Bale‘s rasping vocal display in The Dark Knight.

Jake Coyle, The Associated Press’s entertainment writer, reports:

“As Batman has gotten darker, his voice has gotten deeper. As some critics suggest, Bale and The Dark Knight may have reached a threshold, at least audibly.”

We were worried Bale was about to hand over the batsuit for the next installment to Kiefer Sutherland. That Kiefer bloke never spoke above a hush, no matter how stressed he was on 24. So what gives with Bale’s hoarse voice? We didn’t see him light up once in the film, although you’d fully understand it, considering the runaround Heath gives him. We suggest Alfred and Lucius Fox should give Batman a chest x-ray - it’s not like they’re short of fancy gadgets. Get this man some attention, for Gotham’s sake!

Our sentiments exactly (warning: language may offend):
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Noone has a voice more confusing than JOKER WINEHOUSE....... Heathus' lesser known coke-snorting 2nd cousin:

EDIT: So glad you guys love Joker Winehouse :D She was birthed JUST for epic post. \m/
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