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What? No Miley?

Michael Showalter's First Blog

The star of Stella, The State, and The Baxter is's newest blogger.

Welcome to my first ever blog for! Some of you may know me from my work on The State, or Stella, The Baxter or Wet Hot American Summer. Most of you probably know me from the episode of Law & Order that I did eight years ago where I played the forensics expert Allen Gee. Either way the question remains, "Why is this guy blogging on And more importantly what does he have to say about music?"

That's a very good question especially considering I stopped listening to music after the Police broke up. But now that they're back together I've started listening to music again! The truth is that I love music but more importantly I love MY music and want to talk about it. Right now I have the soundtrack to Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp version) on constant repeat, before that it was Sarah Bareilles, and before that it was Grizzly Bear. The point is -- for me it's not about who makes the music. It's about whether I like it. Can I dance to do it naked in my bedroom while I'm watching a baseball game with the sound off? Does it make me laugh, cry, contemplate suicide? So that's what I'll be talking about: my music, which I love.

Here's a little bit about me just to kick it off.

He doesn't like Guns and Roses? Talk about pretentious...


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