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Luke & Rebecca in lurve


GEEKY Luke Marsden finally scored with busty Rebecca Shiner as the pair enjoyed TWO passionate all-night sessions.

Big Brother’s most bizarre couple were reunited on Friday after Luke was voted out of the telly house.

Afterwards, the nerdy politics student – who admits he is a sexual novice – said: “She tore me apart like a wild animal off the Discovery Channel!”

But, as our snaps show, his attempt at kinky bedroom antics looked more M&S than S&M.

Luke, 21, left the house saying he was desperate for a romp with naughty nursery nurse Bex, 21, who was voted out a week earlier.

And he did not have to wait long – she sneaked into his hotel that night to wait for him.

Yesterday the loved-up pair opened their hearts exclusively to the Daily Star – and confirmed that they are now an item.

And they revealed how they celebrated with TWO saucy all-night sex sessions.

Bex, 21, giggled: “I am over the moon. I waited for him at the hotel on Friday. It was so funny, because they pretended there was a fan waiting for him – and then I ran round the corner.

“He screamed like a girl when he saw me! As soon as I saw him, all the feelings came flooding back and I knew that I really liked him. I took him straight up to the bedroom!”

Luke said: “It’s so weird for me. One minute I was being evicted, interviewed by Davina McCall, then I am in bed with Rebecca.

“It’s all pretty mad, to be quite frank. Eight weeks and I avoided touching her boobs – not any more. They were slipping out of my hands. She certainly has more than a handful!”

The Wigan lad is open about his lack of sexual experience, while Bex says she has slept with 12 men before Luke.

She said: “I wasn’t nervous about spending the night with him – but he probably was!” Luke insisted: “I was not nervous at all, Rebecca!” And he added: “I’m also not at all bothered about how many guys she’s slept with.

“I’ve been open about my inexperience when it comes to sex. I mean, she’s the second person I have slept with in my life.

“But at the end of the day everyone needs to be taught new things and I am looking forward to her teaching me stuff.”

The pair never got down and really dirty in the Big Brother house, although Bex admitted they would love to have done if only BB bosses had switched off the cameras for one night.

She said: “I was so frustrated not being able to just grab him and throw him on the bed!”

They have made up for lost time now. The pair spent Friday and Saturday nights getting it on in a luxury north London hotel.

And Bex boasted that she could get lusty Luke excited without even laying a hand on him.

She said: “I whispered in his ear and on the back of his neck, and it was clear he was aroused.

“I even squashed him with my boobs! We just had a laugh together. It was so nice to be with him without having other people around judging us.

“We could be ourselves and just have a laugh.”

Luke said: “For the first 10 minutes we just hugged each other. We couldn’t let each other go.”

But the giggling couple admitted that, even in the hotel room, they kept waiting for Big Brother to call them to the Diary Room, and even checked for cameras.

“We certainly made up for lost time,” said Bex. “I don’t think either of us will ever forget Friday and Saturday nights. It was madness, because we kept thinking Big Brother was going to call us to the Diary Room.

“We were so sure that there were still cameras watching us, we even checked!”

And although their romance must rate as one of the most unlikely in Big Brother history, the couple are happy to admit that they are totally smitten.

Bex, famed for flashing her mighty boobs in the Channel 4 house, said: “He was shocked when I told him that I hadn’t been coping very well without him.

“He thought that I would have been off clubbing and snogging loads of other men.

“But I haven’t even looked at another man since I met my Luke.”

And her skinny lover smiled: “I am just glad that we are together. Being without her for the past week has been complete torture.”


Sorry ONTD. But when I stumbled across this I knew I couldn't suffer alone. What do we think about new housemate Nicole? I would've preferred Steph to go back in tbh.

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