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Hirsch Prompts Gay Rumour

A crew member on Emile Hirsch's movie Speed Racer is convinced the actor is gay, after walking in on an awkward moment between him and co-star Kick Gurry

The pair was taking a break between scenes in a trailer onset in Berlin, Germany, when an assistant burst in, while the Into the Wild actor was half naked and out of breath.

Hirsch explains, "Me and Kick were in the trailer hanging out. Kick was sitting back with his hands behind his head and I was doing push ups. It was hot so I peeled my driver's suit down a bit, and then Eric, the wonderfully gay production assistant, walked in. I jumped up really quick, but I was out of breath.

"Eric slammed the door shut. We went to Eric later and tried to explain. He was like, 'Shhhhh. I will never tell.'"

But Hirsch discovered a positive side to the confusion, when Eric leaped to his defence during a later confrontation. He adds, "I then got in this feud with a German woman and Eric defended me. He told her, "You do not understand what this boy goes through every day.'"

Hirsch has been linked with Mamma Mia! star Amanda Seyfried, and Gurry dated Christina Ricci.


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