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At this year’s San Diego Comic Con Julie Gardner, Naoko Mori and Steven Moffat met with reporters to talk about all things Doctor Who and Torchwood. This was the first press event of the con, happening on Wednesday before Preview Night. We journalists gathered at a closed off restaurant in a nearby hotel to meet with the three Brits, who had literally just flown in from London, dropped their bags in their rooms and then joined us for some great conversations about our favorite shows. Despite the jet lag, all three were very gracious and happy to chat.

Divided into two tables I was with the group that first got to talk with Julie and Naoko about Torchwood. After joking about being jetlagged and English being Naoko’s second language (”we’re all doomed!”), we started by talking about the end of series two of Torchwood. Everyone pretty much agreed that the deaths of Owen and Tosh had them in tears with Naoko stating that the recorded message from Tosh was particularly difficult to do. Also, the other actors did not see the recording until they shot that scene, so the emotional reactions and tearing up by John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd are real. Naoko said that even in America people will come up to her visibly upset that Tosh is gone. She said one woman literally ran and tackled her to the ground saying she had never cried so much in her life!

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